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Malcolm Arnold: Rogue Genius (A. Meredith & P. Harris/ElkinISBN 090341354X.)

David Mellor writes of Tony Meredith and Paul Harris' new biography Malcolm Arnold: Rogue Genius.

'This is both a serious study of an important and much misunderstood composer and a most entertaining book, which, once started, is hard to put down. It seems to me to achieve precisely what Malcolm Arnold himself set out to achieve in his music: to be inclusive, embracing the very broadest appeal possible and determinedly leaping over artificial boundaries of dull categorisation.

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The Life and Music of Sir Malcolm Arnold: The Brilliant and the Dark  (P.W.R. Jackson/Ashgate. ISBN 1859283810)

The Brilliant and the Dark - interweaving biographical details with close analyses of Sir Malcolm's major works, particularly the nine symphonies, and drawing on sketch materials never previously examined, Paul Jackson's new biography provides fascinating insights into the composer's compositional process.

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Malcolm Arnold - A Composer of Real Music: Symphonic Writing, Style and Aesthetics (R. Thoene/Entercom Saurus. ISBN 978-3937748061)

"As the first substantial published academic study of Arnold's symphonic works, Malcolm Arnold: A Composer of Real Music is to be warmly welcomed. There are cogent discussions of Arnold's orchestration technique, composition process and evolving style, all backed up by carefully chosen musical examples.
...the copious well-chosen musical examples are a definite bonus and there is a very comprehensive and pleasingly wide-ranging bibliography, reflecting the broad scope of this ambitious, largely persuasive and worthwhile study". Paul Conway, Tempo Magazine, 2009

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"To download Dr Thoene's lecture entitled Elgar's influence on Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006): Elgar's Pomp and Circumstances as a model for a British concert overture? given  at the Institute of Music Research, Gresham College on 14 December, 2007 Click Here To Download

Dr Thoene has since been invited to present a paper at the School of Creative Arts, Film and Media at the University of Portsmouth on 2 July (session 3 Music - 9.30am-11am) as part of The 1970s Project. His lecture is entitled "On Malcolm Arnold's ballet scores". For further information please follow this link

Also, at this year's Cardiff University Music Analysis Conference (CarMAC) (4-7 September) Dr Thoene will also present his paper "An Arnoldian ENIGMA: The application of musical ciphers in Arnold's 7th Symphony and the  Fantasy on a Theme of John Field for Piano Orchestra, and the hidden meanings within them".  For further information, please follow this link