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Malcolm Arnold chosen for proposed new academy name

The David Ross Foundation is pleased to announce that its proposed new academy in Northampton will be called Malcolm Arnold Academy. Over 400 students and staff submitted their suggestions for a name for the proposed new academy. Malcolm Arnold was the most popular choice for a unique academy name.

Sir Malcolm Arnold was born in Northampton and was Britain’s most prodigious composer in the 20th century.  His versatility was extraordinary, writing music for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, numerous concertos and music for more than 80 films, including The Bridge on the River Kwai, Whistle Down the Wind, Hobson's Choice, and Inn of the Sixth Happiness.  However, many will remember him for a series of nine extraordinary symphonies.

David Ross, chairman of the David Ross Foundation and sponsor of the proposed new academy, said “I have been delighted by the volume of responses from staff and students in relation to the academy name. It is my belief that the academy name should be unique and celebrate the best of Northampton and that is precisely what Malcolm Arnold signifies. I would like to thank those students and staff for submitting so many suggestions.”

 “The Arnold family are honoured and delighted that the academy will be named after Malcolm Arnold. We wish everyone involved in the Malcolm Arnold Academy every success in the future, and we will follow their growth and development, in so many ways, with interest and affection”, said Katherine Arnold, daughter of Sir Malcolm Arnold.

The proposed Malcolm Arnold Academy is subject to a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State and will open on 1 September 2010 on the site of Unity College, Trinity Avenue, Northampton.


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