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Now, I'm sure many readers are way ahead of me but I've only recently come across It was in April 1996 that Conifer was 'absorbed' into BMG, so it's hardly surprising that recordings have since been deleted. You may imagine how delighted I was to find that ArkivMusic, by arrangement with Sony/BMG, are now offering many Conifer titles. Most prominent is a goodly selection of our Arnold recordings, long since unavailable. It's not the complete series - well, not yet anyway! I have no idea what are their criteria for adding titles to their list, but I suspect that enough enquiries from  Arnoldians might encourage them to complete the set. In the meantime, we should be grateful that they have done so much. 

I'm hardly impartial, of course. Although my association with Conifer ceased in 1996, our productions remain very close to my heart; I'm so pleased that ArkivMusik have found a way to bring back to life so many important recordings. I'm glad, too, for all those whose artistic brilliance and commitment made this series so special. Musicians love playing Sir Malcolm's music, and the Royal Philharmonic and London Musici, under Vernon Handley and Mark Stephenson respectively, entered wholeheartedly into the project. We were blessed with the cream of British soloists of their era in the concertos, and our recording teams, led by Andrew Keener and Tryggvi Tryggvason, drew it all together with their own artistry and skill.

I have fond recollections of my first meeting with Sir Malcolm, where we discussed our initial plans. It was to be the first of many such meetings. Happily, Sir Malcolm was able to attend several recording sessions: the members of the orchestra were always delighted to see him and would crowd around to have a word with him - especially the brass of course. Fiona Southey has very kindly produced the following list of available Arnold titles click here ...
I  think ArkivMusik deserve our support - their website is full of goodies!

John Kehoe
Former Director of Artists & Repertoire, Conifer Classics


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